The TRIPinas Taal volcano tour is an exciting way of seeing one of the world's smallest and active volcano. It starts with a Taal lake tour with you riding an outrigger to cross the pristine waters of the lake surrounded by scenic mountains and volcanoes. After docking on volcano island, your Taal volcano trek starts. This easy hike will take you to the ridge of the main crater and reward you with a majestic, sweeping view of the lake inside it. You will bear witness of nature's raw beauty displayed through its volcanic spectacle. TRIPinas Travel and Tour offer packages with transfer from Manila or trips without transfer if you bring your own car.
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taal volcano tour

Taal Volcano Tour package

  • Round trip aircon van transfer (Manila-Talisay-Tagaytay-Manila)
  • Round trip boatride from Talisay to Volcano Island
  • Taal volcano entrance fee
  • Volcano guide for the trek
  • Side trip to tagaytay

  • Trail:
    A 45-minute easy trek using the regular trail, also called Daang Kastila will lead you to the rim of the Main Crater Lake.

    Tour rates
    Varies depending on your group's headcount
    With transfer from Manila: Php1590/person (for a group of 10 people)
    Without transfer (if you bring your own car): Contact us for the rate

    From October to end of May
    We are closed during the rainy season (June to September)

    We also arrange company outings and school excursions

    Alternative trails for Taal volcano trek

    In addition to the regular trail there are 3 other trails on volcano island. For repeat visitors or experienced trekkers you may want to consider these alternative ways

    - Calauit trail (currently closed)
    This trail allows you to go down to where the crater lake is and see the volcanic activities really up close. 1 hour and 30-minute trek, one way. The trail is steep and less child-friendly. Only for adventurous seekers!

    - Mt. Tabaro trail
    4 to 5 hour trek to reach the main crater lake and then the twin craters of Mount Tabaro, site of the last eruption of Taal Volcano, and its (dry) lava fields. Trail is not well established on some parts so you should be an experienced trekker if you choose this exploration package

    - Ambassador Kenney trail
    This trail will lead you to the rim of the main crater (like the regular trail) but you won't see volcanic activity. Only for second time visitor.

    Practical tips for Taal trekking

    1. Check the weather forecast before choosing your booking date.
    2. Dress appropriately (read: trekking shorts/pants, loose shirt, sturdy footwear/sandals, cap/hat)
    3. Avoid bringing big bags. A small back pack will do the trick.
    4. Wear sunscreen.
    5. Bring water and some trail food (raisins, nuts, candies, etc).
    6. The water in the lake can get rough. Make sure to waterproof your gadgets and to bring change of clothes.

    Information before you have your Taal volcano tour

    taal volcano hike
    Once one the most massive volcano in the world, the old Taal volcano collapsed several thousand years ago. The result was the Taal caldera. Tagaytay lies on the rim of this old cadera, 630 meters above Taal lake. Taal lake is a 25 x 30 kilometer-wide lake located within the Taal caldera. The Taal lake is about 150 meters deep.
    Once part of the sea (Balayan Bay), Taal lake became a freshwater lake after the eruptions on the 18th century when the volcanic deposits separated the bay from the Taal lake. Because of this phenomenon, Taal lake has kept some unique species who adapted from sea water to freshwater, like Tawilis (the world's only freshwater sardine) or Hydrophis semperi, a sea snake.

    taal volcano trek
    Volcano island is a 23 square-kilometer island on Taal lake where Taal volcano stands.
    Taal Volcano has 47 craters, cones and maars. It's often named as the smallest volcano in the world.
    Its elevation is at around 311 meters above sea level.
    The largest crater is the main crater lake - 2 kilometers wide and 80 meters deep. Most of the volcanic activities can be seen around the main crater lake with various fumaroles, pond of boiling mud, or even sometimes geysers. On the main crater lake , an islet called the Vulcan Point can be found, frequently cited as an island within a lake whitin an island within a lake within an island or to name them, the Vulcan Point within the main crater lake within volcano island within Taal lake within Luzon.

    Tabaro is another impressive cone where marks of the 1968/69 lava flow are still visible
    Binintiang Munti is a smaller cone found at the south west of the island.
    Binintiang Malaki is the cone that can bee seen from Tagaytay or Talisay and it's often mistaken as the main crater.
    taal volcano day tour

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