The TRIPinas Taal volcano tour is an exciting way of seeing one of the world's smallest and active volcanoes. It starts with a Taal lake tour with you riding an outrigger to cross its pristine waters surrounded by scenic mountains and volcanoes. After docking on volcano island, your Taal volcano trek starts. This easy hike will take you to the ridge of the main crater and reward you with a majestic, sweeping view of the lake inside it. You will bear witness of nature's raw beauty displayed through its volcanic spectacle. TRIPinas Travel and Tour offer packages with transfer from Manila or trips without transfer if you bring your own car. Book your day tour now. Explore more.

taal volcano tour

Taal Volcano Tour package

  • Round trip air-con van transfer (Manila-Talisay-Tagaytay-Manila)
  • Round trip boat ride from Talisay to Volcano Island
  • Volcano island entrance fee
  • Trail guide
  • Side trip to Tagaytay
  • use of shower, toilets and huts
  • parking fee (if you bring your own car)

  • Trail:
    A 45-minute easy walk using the regular trail, also called Daang Kastila will lead you to the rim of the Main Crater Lake.

    Tour rates
    Varies depending on your group's headcount
    With transfer from Manila: Php1590/person (for a group of 10 people)
    Without transfer (if you bring your own car): Contact us for the rate

    Every day

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    Tour news

    Summer is here! Are you in the country for a few days? Do you want to see how the Philippines is different from Metro Manila? We have this amazing adventure for you and the best part is you can do it in one day: we will pick you up from your hotel on the morning and take you back before the sun goes down. Have you have always believed that the cone that you can see from Tagaytay is the actual Volcano? Well, actually no, there something hidden on the island and believe us this one of the prettiest sights of Batangas province!

    How to book?

    Step 1 : Send your request
    You can use the inquiry form or send us an email at tripinas@gmail.com with the date of your tour and the number of people in your group.

    Step 2 : Check the details
    You will receive an email with all the details (price, itinerary, inclusions) as well as the request for the down payment. Settle your payment.

    Step 3 : Your tour is confirmed.
    You will get your travel voucher. You adventure is now confirmed! The remaining balance will be paid on the day of your tour, although we require full payment in some cases.

    Please note that we need at least 1 banking day to organize it since we request an advance payment. Do not call us on a Friday night expecting to go the following morning and pay on site. We are sorry but we do not accept walk-ins.


    Having a Taal lake tour is the best way to start your exploration of the volcano. While you are riding the banca you will have a view of the old cone of Binintiang Malaki and realize how huge the ancestral Taal volcano was, starting from Tagaytay ridge all the way to Mt. Maculot.

    M.C.L or Main Crater Lake
    Once on the island, you will walk for 45 minutes until your reach the ridge of the main crater lake. From the ridge you will have a bird's-eye view of the crater filled with a lake. Inside the lake there is another islet. Do not miss it! There is just no other place like this in the world. The color of the lake can be emerald green. You may also notice some yellow sulfur traces on the surface.

    activity seen from the crater's view deck
    Taal volcano is one of the seldom places in the country where you can see the activity of a volcano. There are several volcanic features on the island, like some fumaroles, a boiling mud pond, a few geysers and some dry lava fields.

    tagaytay tour package
    Our package (with transfer) includes a side trip to Tagaytay. The view on the lake and volcano island from there is just stunning and honestly one of the most famous sceneries in the Philippines. We also suggest that you take your lunch there as there are plenty of delicious specialties served in local restaurants. Tagaytay has also a pleasant cool climate that will let you breathe, especially if you are coming from Manila.
    If you still have the energy you can also try the zip-line or you can decide to relax with a massage.
    Don't go back home without getting a few souvenirs. The fruits, flowers, coffee and cheese are among the best sellers in Tagaytay's shops.


    When to visit?
    During the dry season, from October to June. During the rainy season the boat ride might be suspended any time Pagasa raises a gale warning.

    Do you organize public/group tours where I can join other participants?
    No, we don't. All our visits to Taal volcano are private. Beware if you see a shared trip anywhere else online, since there is hardly anyone looking to share for this particular destination you will end up having your tour cancelled for sure.

    Is it a child-friendly destination?
    Yes, but they must be at least 3 years old (for the regular trail) Below this age there is no life-vest that can fit an infant and this is mandatory requirement as per marina.

    Is trekking Taal (with the regular trail) difficult?
    No, it's one of the easiest treks in the Philippines. If you are a first timer, this is the right destination for you. Even senior citizens or people who are unfit can do it with a minimum of stamina.

    Which trail should I choose?
    If it's your first time to visit, we suggest the regular trail. Because it is an easy one and you will see the main attractions. When you're done with the regular trail, you can try the Calauit trail or even the Tabaro trail if you are more adventurous and want to see the other side of volcano island. It is more difficult but rewarding adventures.

    Can I bring my own car? How to go to Taal volcano?
    We also arrange day tours for those bringing their own car. We take care of all the planning and we will provide map and road directions on how to get there from Manila or Tagaytay.

    What time do we leave from Manila?
    We usually leave around 6:30am so you will start hiking on the morning. On the afternoon it's really hot on the trail and the water on the lake can get rough.

    Will we pass by Tagaytay?
    Yes, we will have a side trip in Tagaytay to admire the amazing view over the lake. You will also have the option to have massage or zip-line there

    Do we proceed with the tour in case of bad weather? What happens with my payment?
    If we are the one who cancel the tour because we believe the weather conditions is not suitable enough or because the local authorities have decided so and at the condition the trip has not yet started then you will get a full refund of the amount paid. If you prefer to reschedule then we will also offer that option.

    Do you organize tours to other destinations?
    Yes we do. You may want to trek Mt. Pinatubo or shoot the rapids of Pagsanjan falls. Why not to explore Intramuros Manila city or check our Sagada tour package?


    Alternative trails
    In addition to the regular trail (red trail on the map) there are 3 other trails on volcano island. For repeat visitors or experienced trekkers you may want to consider these alternative ways

    Taal volcano hiking map

    - Calauit trail - Green trail on the map
    This trail allows you to go down to where the crater lake is and see the volcanic activities really up close. 1 hour and 30-minute trek, one way. The trail is steep and less child-friendly. Only for adventurous seekers!

    - Mt. Tabaro trail - Blue trail on the map
    4 to 5 hour walk to reach the main crater lake and then the twin craters of Mount Tabaro, site of the last eruption and its (dry) lava fields. Trail is not well established on some parts so you should be an experienced trekker if you choose this exploration package. Expect very few tourists on this area of the island, you will have the feel of an explorer for sure.

    - Ambassador Kenney trail - Yellow trail on the map
    This trail will lead you to the rim of the main crater (like the regular trail) but you won't see volcanic activity. Only for second time visitor.

    Trekking tips
    1. Check the weather forecast before choosing your booking date.
    2. Dress appropriately (read: trekking shorts/pants, loose shirt, sturdy footwear/sandals, cap/hat)
    3. Avoid bringing big bags. A small back pack will do the trick.
    4. Wear sunscreen.
    5. Bring water and some trail food (raisins, nuts, candies, etc).
    6. The water in the lake can get rough. Make sure to waterproof your gadgets and to bring change of clothes.

    Taal crater tour : Video

    Taal lake tour

    The boat ride to Taal volcano is a great way to start your trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taal lake. But did you know that we also offer cruises on the lake? For two hours you will go around the island and be able to see its four sides!

    visit Taal lake

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