Package information

Here are a few more information about our package. These are the most common questions our clients ask and you will probably find an answer to yours here.

package details

Read this to know which kind of vehicle we use for the package with transfer. We have also included photos of our vans.

We will have a stop-over in Tagaytay for your lunch. Select your restaurant  and enjoy the delicious specialties of Tagaytay. This is the most rewarding way to end your day.

Check this page to see a sample of our itinerary. This is for the regular trail only. If you choose another trail there will be another itinerary.

Do you prefer to hike or ride a horse to get to the crater? Read this to help you decide.

Boat ride is included on our package. Check this page to see what kind of boat you will take.

Having an outdoor activity in the Philippines requires to carefully choose the right season. We have compiled our knowledge after 7 years (and counting) of operations in Taal volcano. This will help you to decide on which is the best season to visit the volcano.   

If you need more information about our package and you can’t find it on our website, kindly contact us on and we will gladly answer your questions.