Boat ride on the lake

Sailing on lake Taal is on the highlight of any trips to the volcano.
Here is some information on the boat ride that will take you to volcano island!

To reach volcano island you need to cross the lake first with a boat. This is the only way to do it unless you are able to swim 20 kilometers plus!

The type of boats used is outrigger boat or "bangka" in Filipino.
These boats are motorized and equipped with two outriggers on the side for a better stability. These are the perfect choice of boats as there are often waves on the lake.
Typically 6 people can fit on a boat, plus one skipper.
It takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach Taal volcano island.
Never board a boat without life-vest.

Weather concerns
The water on Taal lake usually gets rough on the afternoon, for this reason you should always avoid crossing the lake on the afternoon.
Do not try to sail on the lake during the peak of the rainy and typhoon season, from July to September as it is not safe. Accidents have happened before. Do not believe to boatmen or operators telling you there is no risk to cross the lake during a storm or typhoon. They would risk your life just to earn money.
Please also note that winds and currents can be strong from October to January or February, you will be probably wet during the boat ride. Bring some change of clothes!

Photos of the boats
See below a photo of the boats that we use to reach volcano island. 
taal volcano boat ride