There are 4 trails that you can hike on volcano island. Here are some details and photos about each of them. Choose the one that is for you!

Regular trail - Ambassador Kenney - Tabaro - Calauit

After the pick-up, our van will take you to the shore of Taal lake and you will board the boat. All our boats have a life vest. Each boat can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. No overloading, safety first!
taal volcano trails
During the boat ride, you will see the fishing activities on the lake wtih the inactive cone of Binintiang Malaki as backdrop . The boat ride lasts around 30 minutes
taal lake Once on the volcano island, you can start trekking: 45 minutes to 1 hour-walk using the regular trail (also called Daang Kastila). The trail is an easy one but it can get really hot and dusty!
Binintiang malaki from Taal lake
Some people prefer to ride a horse than to walk. More relaxing but even more dusty!
taal lake from the regular trail
Along the way, you will see various volcanic activities
the trail is dusty!
Finally, you reach the main crater lake - one of the most beautiful scenery in southern Luzon. Sometimes the color of the crater lake is brown, or emerald green. Other times blue or even a mix of blue and green. The color of the lake depends on the weather and the volcano activities.
volcanic activity in Taal
From the view deck, you will see more volcanic activities.
walk until your reach the crater lake
path to the red point
It's now time to trek back and take the boat to return to the resort where you can have a shower or swim at the pool.
track the volcanic activity
We will then head to Tagaytay for either a photo stop or your lunch. Once there you can admire the amazing view over Taal lake and Taal volcano island. You also have the option to have a massage or try the zipline. We hope that you enjoyed trekking Taal volcano with us!
Talisay, Batangas