Christie Kenney trail

The Kenney trail is called as such in honor of Ms. Kristie Kenney, first woman to be an American ambassador to the Philippines. Her family and she were the first to trek this path. It is also dubbed as the private trail but do not be fooled, even if it has been privately operated you will find other tourists and you won't be alone. As the regular trail, it starts with a boat ride to Volcano Island that takes around 20 minutes if the current is favorable.
start of Christie Kenney trail on Volcano Island
The trail starts at the foothill of Binintiang Malaki on a volcanic beach. Binintiang Malaki is the cone that many people mistakenly think is the main crater when they see it from Tagaytay ridge. This is actually only one the 47 cones and craters located on the island!
Taal volcano island beach
Some prefer this one because it's not dusty, it's less crowded than the regular one and it passes through a forest making the trek more comfortable and maybe a bit less hot. It is an easy three kilometers long route with no particular difficulty.
the hike in the forest
Check the view below of Binintiang Malaki and Taal Lake. The trail actually passes through that forest.beautiful view
After a 45-minute walk, you will reach the view deck. Please note that the volcanic activity CANNOT be seen from this view deck.
color of M.C.L.
The color of the lake changes often depending on the current volcanic activities and weather. The photo below was taken when the water was emerald green.

The Vulcan point stands in the middle of the main Crater Lake. Notice the sulfur bands around the islet? That is an indication that it is very much active!

Should you go for Ambassador Kenney?

Well, we believe this ok for second-timers as the other trails are far more rewarding, scenery-wise.