A Hiker's Guide to Taal Volcano Trails

Four major routes, dozens of craters, two lakes, an islet and an island. Now, you may wonder which one is the best trail for your trek to Taal volcano. Let us help you. We give you the down-low of what you need to know so you get to have an amazing day exploring this awesome place. Three things to consider: your current fitness level, what you want to see and how much time you have that day.
Map of Taal Volcano Island trails

DAANG KASTILA (Spanish trail)

Most people call it the Regular trail as this is the easiest and the most accessible of the four. It offers a slow ascent of less than three kilometers, one that is usually covered in around 45 minutes to an hour. It leads to the Main Crater ridge view deck where you can see the Crater Lake from above. We believe it is one of the easiest hikes you can take in the Philippines; even kids will enjoy their time there. For those who choose not to explore the route on foot, horseback riding is an option available to them - there are plenty of horses waiting for you at the jump off point.

– Red on the map
Level of difficulty: very easy
Point of interest: excellent with 360-degree view over Taal lake and the main Crater Lake as well as the area with the steams

The Spanish trail


This route has roughly the same distance as the regular one but with two major differences. First, it passes through a forest providing much more shade. Second (and this probably why you might skip this), is that it has none or very little view - you won’t pass by the area with volcanic activities.

– Yellow on the map
Level of difficulty: very easy
Point of interest: limited as it is obstructed by trees

Taal Kenney route

CALAUIT (Secret trail)

Unlike the first two, this one will lead you the Crater Lake shore. It is around four kilometers long with a steep descent that makes it less friendly for kids or people who are not fit. An average person would spend around an hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish it. Like Daang Kastila, you will have the 360-degree view but in addition you will be able to go very close to the fumaroles field (steam vents). Keep in mind that even if you can reach the Crater Lake shore, it is strictly prohibited to swim.

– Blue on the map
Level of difficulty: medium
Point of interest: great with majestic views of both the lake and the inner lake plus up-close views of the steams.

the secret trail


Let’s be clear, this area of the island is for experienced trekkers only who are able to walk for almost eight kilometers with steep ascents/descents and off–trail portions. You will be exploring the seldom visited western side of the island, reach the crater lake shore then head to the dry lava fields of the 1968-69 eruptions and summit the Mount Tabaro twin craters responsible for the most recent eruption phase of the volcano.

– Purple on the map
Level of difficulty: difficult
Point of interest: wild and beautiful volcanic scenery

Mount Tabaro route