This an active volcano

There are several classifications for a volcano. It can be active or extinct, erupting or dormant. Taal volcano is a dormant active one.

Definition of what is an active volcano varies.
For the Smithsonian institution's Global Volcanism Program a volcano is considered active if it has erupted during the last 10000 years. For other institutes a volcano can be called active if it has erupted during the historical time. In the Philippines historical times refers to the last 600 years. Phivolcs is our national institute

What are the most active volcanoes?
The most active volcanoes in the word are Kilauea in Hawaii - USA, Etna in Sicily, Italy and Piton de la fournaise in the French island of Reunion.

The most active volcano in the Philippines is Mt. Mayon. The second one is Kanlaon.
Taal volcano is the third most active volcano of the country with 33 eruptions recorded during the historical times.

Dormant or erupting?
If the volcano is having an eruption it is classified as erupting. If not it will be classified as dormant. You can only visit a volcano when it is dormant.

Volcanoes in the Philippines
The Philippines has 22 active volcanoes and Taal Volcano is one of these. 
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map of the active volcanoes in the Philippines

The last eruption of Taal volcano was on October 3rd 1977.