Horseback riding - activity insight

Here are a few pieces of information in case you wonder if you should ride a horse on the regular trail or if you should just walk. This is one of the popular activities on the island

For those who don't feel like hiking you can ride a horse to reach Taal volcano crater rim.
Rate is Php400 to 500, round trip and you will be paying directly the owner of the horse. For a one way ride, you may want to bargain with the owner and see if you can get the ride for Php250 only.
These are actually ponies or donkeys and they walk quite slowly.
Since these are relatively small animals they can only carry one person, even if it’s a kid.

horseback riding can be fun

Is it worth it?

Only if you can't handle the 45-minute trek. Otherwise, you may miss photo opportunities and you will experience so much dust due to the terrain and the horse ride.

We also believe that trekking is one of the best outdoor activities you can do and walking gives you more time to fully enjoy the views. But of course, this is just our humble point of view and we have to mention that here at TRIPinas we are all mountaineers and we love walking.

ride a horse on the Spanish trail

On the photo above you can notice how dusty is the trail, this means the horse ride will create a cloud of dust. You better prepare your dust mask!