Where to eat in Tagaytay

Check our selection of recommended restaurants where you can have your lunch once you have visited Taal volcano.
Please note this is just a selection and you are free to choose any restaurant even if it’s not on this list.
After your hike we will take you to Tagaytay where you can have your lunch. 
This town is well known in the country for its delicious food!

Tagaytay recommended restaurants:

This one is a TRIPinas favorite. Arguably the best Filipino restaurant in town that offers an unobstructed view of  the lake and volcano. Their food here is phenomenal as the volume of the crowd here would attest to (it gets bigger on weekends and holidays). Try their bulalo, fried tawilis, leche flan and pineapple shake. Serving size is generous.

Filibeans coffee shop
If you want to try the delicious local coffee (Barako) this is the place to go. It is located at the back of Leslie's with an amazing view on the lake.

This is a Filipino restaurant that serves heirloom recipes - food that have been served from one generation to another. We love their sinuglaw na maliputo and sizzling balot à la probresite. Best for family gatherings or a romantic lunch.

Another one of Tagaytay's iconic food establishment. Names after the wife of the owner, Josephine continues to serve meals the way our lolos and lolas prepared them. If you want a trip back to the past or simply want to sit back and relax while you enjoy the lake view, this is the place for you. Must try: crispy kare-kare.

Bag of beans
Famous for their kapeng barako and kapeng alamid, this coffee shop is considered a must-go when visiting this city of Cavite.

Mushroom burger
Craving for some juicy burgers but your waistline is screaming "STOP!" Then let the self-proclaimed Masters of Mushrooms satisfy your desire for meat but with a healthier twist.

Not in Tagaytay, you will have to ride until Alfonso but worth a visit if you have enough time:
Sonya's garden
Dubbed as a greenhouse-restaurant, the highlight are the salad greens and edible blooms grown in their own backyard. The food preparation is simple and rustic. They also offer freshly baked bread from their Panaderia. They serve breakfast from 8-9:30AM (Php500/person). Set menu is available for lunch dinner (Php683/person).

All these restaurants serve classy traditional Filipino cuisine with a focus on the local specialties.

For a budget trip you can also try Max’s or Diner's

Several of these restaurants have a nice view overlooking the lake. It’s a great feeling to see volcano island from a high vantage after having you have been there! With a good weather the view extends as far as Balayan bay and Mt. Banahaw.

A huge choice of meals is available but you may want to try some of the local specialties, like Bulalo or fresh catches of Tawilis and Maliputo from Taal lake.

You may also want to buy some fruits. The local pineapple is one of the sweetest in the world. You can either visit the market or buy some at the stalls along the road. The area is also famous for the buko pies (creamy young coconut pies.)

tagaytay buko pie

Hungry now?