Calauit, the path towards the heart of the volcano

This trail is one of the oldest on the island and it's probably one of the most spectacular. It has been used for more than 100 years now for tourism purpose as this is the easier way to go down to the shore of the lake. The Calauit trail allows the visitors to watch the activity of the volcano as you will reach the areas where most of the steams are located. Because of this, you will have to exercise caution and refrain yourself from going too close to the vents or swimming at the lake which is not allowed.
Here are some information and photos to help you decide if you are ready for this adventure.
After crossing Taal Lake you will hike for one hour to one hour and half (depending on your pace) until you reach the Crater Lake. The second part of the trek is steep and can become impassable in case of strong rain.
classic view of Calauit route
Once you reach the shoreline, you will have an interesting view of the lake inside the main caldera. There are several areas with amazing volcanic activities.
at the lake
One of them is a crack that looks like a sulfur river. It is the result of hot steam coming from underground and meeting some pockets of water.
active volcano
The pond of boiling mud is fascinating and is one of the highlights of the trip.
Taal pond
Other site of activities, like fumaroles and geysers are also located on this area but should be considered off-limits. You will use the same way to go back to the boat.

Should you go for Calauit?

If you are comfortable with hiking for 2 to 3 hours (round trip), interested with volcanic activities and a responsible and safe person then this trail is for you. It might not be a good idea to bring children there.