Taal volcano Calauit trail

Taal volcano trails photo gallery : 

Calauit trail, (also called the secret trail) is one of the oldest trail on volcano island and it's probably one of the most spectacular.
Here are some information and photos.

The Calauit trail allows the visitor to go down to the shore of the lake and watch the activity of Taal volcano.
After crossing Taal lake you will hike for one hour until you reach Taal crater lake.

taal volcano

Once you reach the shoreline, you will have an interesting view of the lake inside the main crater.  There are several areas with amazing volcanic activities.

taal lake

One of them is the sulfur river (at least this is how we call it). 

taal volcano calauit trail

The pond of boiling mud is fascinating and one of the highlight of trip.

taal crater

Other site of activities, like fumaroles and geysers are also located on this area but it is not safe to go close to it.